• Since working with Ann for one month, so much has shifted...my anxiety is gone! I have so much more confidence! I am a new person, much more optimistic and my energy and stamina is back!
  • By creating a vortex for Kaisa and releasing the negative energy in her factory in Mexico, she has been receiving big orders from clients and the government, the highest sales of the month ever.
  • MR. Haung from taiwan had had the back pain for 11 years. He tried acupuncture, pain killers, Hyaluronic acid, and massage but nothing worked. Through one Theta healing digging session Ann got to the bottom of the belief. It seems the pain started when his beloved uncle got married and he felt no one loved him anymore. Ann changed his beliefs and the back pain is completely gone.
    Mr. Huang
  • Ms. J had so much fear that she might be penalized for paying $26,000 to the government, after 4 sessions of clearing, not only all the charges were dropped but she was also able to get some of her money back:
    "ANN! ANN! ANN!  All charges DROPPED!!  I Don't owe anything and the Department of Labor will pay the 5K!! Which will be $3,444.98 thanks to you and Theta!!"  
    Ms. J
  • I am feeling wonderful since my Theta healing classes with Ann. There isn’t a moment that goes by that I wont jump on the opportunity to live my truth. I am feeling much more emotionally stable and physically grounded. I have already seen a change in my relationships with people. I felt instant changes with my body and state of mind, and experienced instant changes in my reality as well. Thank you so much for introducing me to this practice, it has made the world of difference for me and you are an excellent practitioner and such a lovely person to be around.
    Thank you,
    Jane, New York
  • I was invited to take a class about intuitive healing and as a nutrition counselor, it seemed like a good fit. I was given the book to read, Theta Healing, and started incorporating the principles of the instruction.
    Ann Young has been a bright, kind, patient, and knowledgeable teacher of Theta Healing. She taught me how to deepen my meditation practice, use positive thought to produce desired results, and has helped me improve the outlook of my life.
    It has worked for me to be better focused on tasks like my work or even my sleep. Theta Healing has released and "brought up to the light" many buried issues that have allowed for meaningful personal growth, increased self confidence and self awareness. I now have a Creator centered vantage point to see what were problems become challenges or adventures that I don't have to be afraid of.
    This class and Ann Young have basically changed the trajectory of my life. I was unemployed when I met her. Skip ahead 3 weeks and I have 2 part time jobs that both will become full time for me to choose between. It is not a coincidence, it is Theta Healing.
    Sincerely and greater spiritual grounding,